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Our Year In Review: From New Solutions To A Whole New Look

With the holidays approaching and another year coming to a close, our team wanted to take a look back at what we have accomplished and the ways we have participated in our community over the last year. From new solutions to a whole new look, let's explore the happenings of 2019.

This year we launched our new website. It has the same great features - scratch that, even more features - as our old site, but with a new look. It is a resource we believe reflects Integrated's services, solutions, and values, and one we know will help our customers keep in touch for years to come. Dig in to what it is all about and catch a glimpse of how it integrates with our product websites for Integrated Marco Studio and Integrated Geomancy now.

Integrated paired up with professional cyclist Phil Gaimon this year to support the Chef's Cycle and No Kid Hungry organizations. As donations poured in for Gaimon's own fundraising efforts for these groups, we helped to match contributions - ultimately supporting him in reaching his fundraising goal of $100,000 in November. We are looking forward to continue working with him in the coming year - stay tuned for announcements!

Did we mention this has been the year of providing easier ways to access our products? Well, in case we didn' certainly was! One feature we have been excited to introduce is the revamp of our online shop. It offers a clear view of those software applications our company offers out-of-the-box, shows you the categories and types of uses for which these solutions can be applied, and allows you to easily purchase toolkits like Integrated Portage in a flash. Let's do a little window shopping while you are here!

Big Data is still big news no matter the industry in which you work. From Natural Resources and Energy to Health and even Manufacturing, having a pool of quality data resources from which to pull is a must. Optimizing performance with these types of resources can be daunting though, especially at a time when many businesses are moving ArcGIS platforms or reevaluating the ways in which assets are managed. This year we brought you tips for optimizing performance and even best practices for keeping data management running smoothly.

Our developers know the true value of quality Open Source resources. This year, we released a programming package built with this community in mind - Python for GeoPackages (pygeopkg). Designed for Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals, this library helps to bridge the gaps between applications like ArcGIS, QGIS, and OGC GeoPackages.

As the GIS community continues to move their enterprise spatial data from ArcMap to the ArcGIS Pro platform, our team wants to ensure we have the applications there to greet them. We recently introduced the following solutions for this new environment with plans to expand these options within the coming year.

  • Integrated Geodetics Toolkit for ArcGIS Pro - Deployed as an Add-In for ArcGIS Pro, this toolkit offers the same functionality as the Integrated Geodetics Toolkit for the ArcMap environment with the added bonus of allowing users to convert, reformat, and load seismic and well survey file types into those formats better suited for the ArcGIS Pro platform.

  • Integrated Marco Desktop for Pro - An Add-In for ArcGIS Pro, this toolkit mirrors much of the same functionality our customers know and love in Integrated Marco Desktop for ArcMap. The tools available in this solution allow users to inventory Layer Files (.lyrx) and ArcGIS Pro Map Projects (.aprx), discover broken data sources, fix pesky data issues, and easily convert older GIS projects to new and improved file types in no time.

  • Integrated Marco Palette for Pro - Deployed as an Add-In for ArcGIS Pro, this toolkit allows users to create registries of layers scattered across an enterprise system to be accessed in a central location. This helps to keep files organized for projects and seeks to increase security across your network.

  • Integrated Marco Commander for Pro - The Integrated Marco Commander framework has been re-imagined to support the inclusion of ArcGIS Pro's unique data types, bundling this new functionality into this new application. Intended for server-side implementation, this toolkit is run through command line and is used for everything from inventorying spatial data to remapping data sources and on to generating reports based on data statistics.


Learn more about the ways our team is ready to help yours. Explore our Services and Solutions now.


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