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Designed for Developers: Python for GeoPackages Available on GitHub

Houston, TX (US) - Access to trusted, quality Open Source materials is essential for those professionals developing applications or even programming simple tools to streamline complicated workflows. Many developers rely on resources like GitHub to find programming packages that may be of service to them and - even better - are free to use.

Integrated and our team of developers are excited to be able to give back to this community with the integration of Python for GeoPackages (pygeopkg). For Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals and developers, creating Feature Classes with complete geometry and attributes is an essential and frequent part of every user's workflows. Many professionals in the industry rely on Open Source software like QGIS to accomplish this while others utilize Esri's ArcGIS platform for spatial data visualization and analysis. Those who employ both systems may find it difficult to create data that seamlessly moves between these solutions - That is, until now.

OGC GeoPackages facilitate the creation and population of spatial databases to be used for Geographic Information System (GIS) software. Open Source development libraries like pygeopkg aide programmers in creating databases and Feature Classes, attributing geometry and appropriate records to each, with dependable and easy-to-use Python-compatible code.

More information about this resource can be found on our website, and the Python for Geopackages (pygeopkg) library can be found on GitHub here.


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