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Introducing GDX for ArcGIS Pro: Seismic Surveys and Well Data Loading Goes Pro

Houston, TX (US) - Integrated Informatics is excited to announce the launch of the Integrated Geodetics Toolkit for Pro, a solution for professionals in the Oil and Gas and Natural Resources industries to seamlessly convert well survey and seismic data files into formats better suited for common Geographic Information System (GIS) software platforms. This solution features the same functionality as the Integrated Geodetics Toolkit for the ArcMap environment, making it more accessible to users of Esri's ArcGIS Pro as an ArcGIS Pro Add-In.

Seismic and Well Data. Simplified.

Designed with streamlined data processing in mind, this toolkit features 70+ tools that provides users with the ability to quickly read and load well survey and seismic navigation information into a common Esri GIS format for visualization and analysis. Featuring tools for loading well data, converting seismic data formats, reformatting seismic surveys, performing utility functions, and more, this toolkit is essential for any team frequently working with seismic and well data.

Well Loading Capabilities

The robust Well Loading tools within Integrated Geodetics Toolkit for Pro allow for reading well data from raw ASCII, delimited files, and even Excel spreadsheets. The tools calculate the coordinates and delta values of a survey given azimuth, inclination and measured depth values, reference points, and coordinate system.

When loaded into ArcGIS Pro, these files are stored as Geodatabase data with 3D coordinates (unless specified otherwise) which is easily consumable by your team’s Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and visualized in more interactive views with software like ArcGIS Pro.

Additionally, files may be loaded as batch data (e.g., multiple files) to cut down on processing time. The survey may be from the tophole to the bottomhole or a sidetrack. Well

survey reports can also be generated for all loaded wells, further enhancing the possibilities for converting and reporting this information.

Seismic Data Conversion

Seismic Loading tools load many formats - including SEG P1, SEG Y, SPS, UKOOA (P1/84 and P1/90), IOGP P1/11, and columnar (fixed-width or delimited) text formatted surveys - into point feature classes with optional user-specified line and/or point decimation and point-to-point azimuth calculations, including Line Azimuth, Azimuth Change, Bend, Interval, Seismic Point Gap, Nominal Interval, Seismic Point Orientation, Height/Depth Change,

and Seismic Point Number Interval. Throughout the conversion process, header information is extracted and retained in an accompanying file. In addition, select tools create survey outline polygon feature classes using either the grid or lat/long coordinates and either a convex or concave algorithm.

The Seismic Loading tools within the Integrated Geodetics Toolkit for Pro includes options to convert from Geodatabase to the SEG P1 seismic format. This allows users to seamlessly create workflows that go full circle - both into and out of Geodatabase and seismic file formats.


For more information about this application, visit the Solutions page or go to Products & Solutions Shop. To request more information about the Integrated Geodetics Toolkit for Pro, contact our team.


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