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Weekliii Round-Up: News on Big Data's Impact on KPIs and LiDAR for Vegetation Management Programs

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Without hesitation, we want to get this Friday going - starting with exploring solutions for Utility and Energy providers to better maintain Right-of-Ways (RoW) surrounding assets and moving on to bigger things. Hint hint. Read on below!

Let's make identifying dangerous vegetation along transmission lines simple, helping your team keep power outages to a minimum and keep crews safe while on the job. By combining the the power of technology like Geographic Information Systems (GIS), LiDAR visualizations, and custom development, one-of-a-kind solutions and workflows can be developed that help Right-of-Way (RoW) management teams identify and address vegetation along lines that could become problematic. Learn more in this week's #MeetTheProduct post.

The latest shift in Data Science comes disguised as performance, allowing businesses to measure operations in real time and projected impacts instead of relying on the past. Connect the dots between Big Data and KPIs - or Key Performance Indicators - in this week's #DailyBrainCandiii post.

It’s never a good idea to start collecting masses of data that you don’t really need, just because you can. Big data’s ability to transform KPIs for the better isn’t about collecting impressive amounts of data or slicing and dicing that data in lots of different ways. Rather, the power of big data lies in how you use it; and, in the case of KPIs and performance management, that means gathering the insights that will help people in the company make better decisions and improve performance.

While reports state that Oil and Gas activity - such as new drilling permits, rig count, and well completion - has declined this year, Texas crude oil production continues to break records. How can that be? Learn more in this week's #DailyBrainCandiii post.

We aim to keep it simple. Discover ways to automate your most common workflows, encouraging success and simplification in both straightforward and complex tasks alike. Take time to explore now.


#DailyBrainCandiii and #WeekliiiRoundUp are inspired by brain candiii, a division of Integrated Informatics that develops Geographic Information System (GIS) training for Energy and Natural Resources professionals.


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