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Integrated Informatics Brings Streamlined Spatial Data Registry Definition to ArcGIS Pro

Houston, TX (US) - Integrated Informatics is excited to announce a new resource for ArcGIS Pro users interested in streamlining access to and management of enterprise spatial data. Integrated Marco Palette for Pro was recently released for the ArcGIS Pro platform. As part of the Integrated Marco Studio suite of Knowledge Management solutions, this application is the latest option for integrating the robust power of the Marco tools for Esri's unique ArcGIS Pro infrastructure. In particular, this toolkit allows teams to utilize a simple Data Registry system to access shared and corporate Layer Files (.lyrx) from a single location regardless of where their datasets are saved or managed on the network.

Spatial Data Registry Definition in Pro

Similar to its ArcMap component, the Integrated Marco Palette for Pro solution employs the use of a Data Registry file to define the location of preferred datasets which the user can then add to the ArcGIS Pro workspace. The solution itself is deployed as an Add-In for ArcGIS Pro while the Data Registry can be formatted as an Excel file (.xlsx) for easy sharing or even SDE/GDB. Designed to give Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals the most comprehensive view of data from the start, the Data Registry’s structure encourages Administrators to include as much metadata as desired - such as ownership, external resource links, etc. - alongside the path to the data itself.

Once connected to the Data Registry, teams may browse Layer Files (.lyrx) in ArcGIS Pro, previewing thumbnails and metadata within the interface. They may then select those files with which they would like to work more closely, adding each to the ArcGIS Pro workspace for full interaction.

Use Cases for Data Registry Definitions

There are any number of scenarios in which businesses would benefit from having the locations of specific files pre-defined, allowing users easy access to a select group of datasets. Several examples of use cases for Integrated Marco Palette for Pro include:

  • Connecting to datasets associated with specific projects.

  • Defining datasets that require specific access settings and permissions.

  • Providing users the means to designate those files with which they are charged for maintaining, updating, etc.

  • Specifying Layer Files (.lyrx) that have recently been converted to ArcGIS Pro during a company's ArcGIS Migration processes.

  • Defining datasets that need to be addressed during varying intervals (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly) of a team's Data Management plan.

For more examples of ways in which the Integrated Marco Palette applications for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro may be used, view this Meet The Product post.

Additional Resources

Are you interested in adding to this application your current workflow? Would you like more information on how it relates to the other components of the Integrated Marco Studio suite? Find more details about Integrated Marco Palette for Pro and other custom Geographic Information System (GIS) applications and services in the Solutions section or on the product website at


Ready for a trial or demo? Contact our team at now. View additional product details online here.


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