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Meet the Product: Marco Palette for Spatial Data Registry Definition and Streamlined Network Access

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

The importance of organizations having a well-maintained inventory of healthy, working geospatial data can never be overstated. What may be even more valuable is possessing the

knowledge to actively use it. This is where Integrated Marco Palette, an Add-In for ArcMap, comes into play. As the Desktop Data Registry component of the Integrated Marco Studio

suite of applications provided by Integrated Informatics Inc., this product allows teams to access shared and corporate Layer Files from a single location regardless of where these files are saved or managed on the network.

Spatial Data Registry Definition

Customize Data Registry

While storing spatial data within a single location would make many tasks easier, it is not always practical. At any given time, teams must access files stored in geodatabases on their own network drives as well as those across an enterprise system. Although this typically presents itself as a mere inconvenience when attempting to track down specific files, it can prove a serious strain on communication and resources when multiple members of your organization need access to data simultaneously - and are not sure which versions to reference.

Rather than having to continuously point your team to those datasets applicable to ongoing projects, Integrated Marco Palette allows you to build a Data Registry file in Excel, SDE, SQL Server, or Oracle that can be maintained by an Administrator and distributed securely and efficiently. Designed to give Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals the most comprehensive view of data from the start, the Data Registry’s structure encourages Administrators to include as much metadata as desired - such as ownership, external resource links, etc. - alongside the path to the data itself.

Populate ArcMap

While the Data Registry file is built to satisfy the need to connect to spatial data across the board, the only team members who have direct access are those deemed an Administrator. He or she creates the file as well as configures its path within the Integrated Marco Palette software.

From there, teams may browse Layer Files in ArcMap, previewing thumbnails and metadata within the interface. They may then select those files with which they would like to work more

closely, adding each to the ArcMap interface for full interaction.


The road to a well-managed enterprise system is not always smooth. There are challenges and scenarios for which we believe Integrated Marco Palette makes the perfect solution, ensuring the path you take has as few bumps as possible.

GeoEnrichment Availability

Is your team undergoing the conversion of non-spatial files like Microsoft Office documents to spatially compatible resources with those GeoEnrichment tools available in Integrated Marco Commander and Integrated Marco Mystic? We have found that a Data Registry specific to these PDFs-turned-Layers are helpful in understanding what files have been geotagged, are now available, and even remain to be addressed.

Metadata View

Metadata is an essential aspect of spatial data - a feature which cannot be accessed unless you connect directly to the Layer File’s data source in ArcGIS software like ArcCatalog. Integrated Marco Palette allows metadata to be defined for each Layer File in the Data Registry for easy viewing in its interface in ArcMap.

Project Data Connection

With each new project businesses encounter, we often see fresh datasets that must be stored alongside older data on our network. Managing these files, ensuring they all boast proper connections, and guaranteeing they are not being used for any projects other than what the client intended can be a feat in its own right.

By allowing teams to interact with these spatial data stores through Data Registry files, Administrators, Managers, and Team Leads are able to secure access to each piece of data and give users a clear and concise way to utilize project data.

Integrated Marco Palette may be easily configured so that those in Administrative roles may switch out Data Registry files as desired to allow teams access to data as their workloads evolve.

Desktop Data Registry for Marco Studio

Are you working with the full Integrated Marco Studio suite? Integrated Marco Palette makes a remarkable resource for defining more secure and efficient connection points for spatial data files as well as communicating what data is in working order - and which resources need more attention from Integrated Marco Studio.


Integrated Marco Studio is a suite of applications built with the ArcGIS platform and Knowledge Management in mind. These Add-Ins and web applications help teams to better manage and maintain the Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial data that they rely upon. Software is intended for use with ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. More information can be found at


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