Integrated Python Geoprocessing Package (PYGP)

Integrated Python Geoprocessing Package (PYGP)

Python for ArcGIS. Simplified.


One of the most utilized programming languages used within the Geographic Information System (GIS) field is Python. It is readable enough for professionals to easily learn and robust enough to handle complex geoprocessing frameworks. As developers seek to build out geoprocessing workflows with Python, they may find that they require a more efficiency way for managing this code. This is where the Integrated Python Geoprocessing (pygp) package comes in handy.
Integrated's custom Python package - Integrated Python Geoprocessing (pygp) - stems from our support of multiple clients on numerous ArcGIS releases and ArcGIS service packs using multiple versions of Python. We needed a way to easily provide a consolidated package able to support this mixture of environments. We offer this library for licensing so that others too can gain the improved internal efficiencies and productivity for development through increased standardization, increased functionality, and increased intellisense and documentation. This package is actively developed, fully documented, and has excellent test coverage. A large amount of extended functionality is available and added on a regular basis.


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