Integrated Geodetics Toolkit for Pro

Integrated Geodetics Toolkit for Pro


Seismic & Well Data. Simplified.


The Integrated Geodetics Toolkit for Pro is similar to its ArcMap component in that it contains 70+ tools that provide the ability to quickly read and load well survey and seismic navigation data into a common Esri Geographic Information System (GIS) format for visualization and analysis.
How is it different? It is deployed as an Add-In in ArcGIS Pro, bringing these essential data conversion, formatting, and loading processes to the new Esri environment.
Seismic Toolkit
Seismic tools include standard audit calculations, the ability to decimate inputs, and use standard EPSG projections. The toolkit includes the ability to read seismic formats such as UKOOA, SEG P1, SEG Y, SPS, P1/11, as well as user-defined variations.


  • Audit - Perform an audit on seismic data to determine the quality and accuracy of locations.
  • Visualize Data - Load the seismic data into the Geographic Information System (GIS) with the intention of visualizing it.
  • Configure Project Settings - Ensure conversion and loading practices are upheld with every project by establishing default Configuration Settings.
  • Reformat Seismic Survey Data - Allow data to be easily converted from one file type to another for ease of use in a GIS.
  • Load Well Data into Report - Generate reports based on original and/or reformatted well data.


Tools specifically designed for seismic functionality and well inclusion are available in the toolkit.


Well Toolkit
Well data can be read from raw ASCII, P7, delimited files, and Excel spreadsheets. The tools calculate the coordinates and delta values of a survey given azimuth, inclination and measured depth valies, reference points and a coordinate system. The survey may be from the tophole to the bottomhole or a sidetrack. Well survey reports can also be output for all loaded wells. Tools specifically designed for seismic functionality and well inclusion are available in the toolkit.


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