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Weekliii Round-Up: News on Knowledge Management Cheat Sheets, Open Data Portals, and More

As you are spending your day rushing to meet any last minute deadlines, prepping for your holiday parties, or just catching a quick cat nap behind your office door, we want to share with you a round-up of the good and great posts we have shared this week. Enjoy!

Article on the key questions to ask when managing ArcGIS spatial data on an enterprise network with the Integrated Marco Studio applications.

In our final post of this Knowledge Management for Environmental Resources series, we discuss ways in which you might interrogate the Spatial Data Inventory and results database you have created. This includes what questions will get you optimal answers, topics to kick-start your analysis, and how to allow others to view data when they do not have access to the more technical resources that might be required to do so.

The production of oil comes with its challenges as a whole. As the environments in which production occurs change, so too do some of the more specific challenges faced. For instance, BP and its colleagues in Azerbaijan have recently encountered issues with sand invading oil wells, causing operators to choke the wells back. Although this "fix" helps in avoiding damage, it also results in revenue loss. By looking to high technology and incorporating solutions one would not typically associate with an oil field, BP and its techs have been able to address this problem head on...or should I say, app on. This article talks about the use of fiber-optic cables, sonic signatures, and the power of technology in aiding companies to better address potential pitfalls in similar situations.

By now, we hope you are aware of the many software products we offer to our clients - solutions like Integrated Geomancy and Integrated Marco Studio, to name a couple. Did you know that much of what we do here at Integrated Informatics, Inc., however, is comprised simply of services for organizations and companies like yours? We strive to help businesses in the Natural Resources and Utilities industries as best we can, whether this be providing them with ready-made software or working alongside their teams as consultants in whatever capacity is needed. To learn more about examples of tasks we often help clients with in our consulting practices, check out the brief list in our latest Simplified Solutions post.

Web map application showing the location of open data portals for businesses.

While data itself is not always difficult to find, finding quality data in the Open Data world can sometimes be a feat. Hearing the call for better resources, this web map sites 2600+ Open Data portals around the world to help your and your business better gather the datasets you need for your next project.

You won't find candid bloopers or director commentary in this Behind the Studio edition. We aren't Hollywood, after all. Instead, you will find the makings of our favorite Knowledge Management solutions out there. Go Behind the Studio in this month's newsletter.


#DailyBrainCandiii and #WeekliiiRoundUp are inspired by brain candiii, a division of Integrated Informatics that develops Geographic Information System (GIS) training for Energy and Natural Resources professionals.


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