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Weekliii Round-Up: News on New Year Resolutions and USGS Digital Elevation Model Formatting

Start your New Year off with a bang! Discover our top 5 resolutions to set this year when it comes to building your skills and career in the GIS field. Learn more now.

It is a new year to try new things or, at the very least, to get a couple of the "old things" right. With a new beginning, resolutions are sure to follow. Fortunately for us in the world of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and practices, these promises to our future selves do not have to solely consist of more time in the gym.

In support of ongoing efforts to provide efficient, cloud ready, open data formats, the US Geological Survey National Geospatial Program (USGS) will migrate its 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) DEMs to a new data delivery format in 2020. Learn more about it in this week's #DailyBrainCandiii post.

This week's #DailyBrainCandiii post is an interesting analysis of the future of an ever evolving energy market and how energy producers no matter the source can re-imagine business in order to stay competitive. Read more now.

With offices in Houston, TX, St. John's, Newfoundland, and Calgary, Alberta, we closer than you think. Not near those areas? That's okay too. We are happy to help you from afar. Learn more about where our teams are located and the ways in which we can help.


#DailyBrainCandiii and #WeekliiiRoundUp are inspired by brain candiii, a division of Integrated Informatics that develops Geographic Information System (GIS) training for Energy and Natural Resources professionals.


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