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Weekliii Round-Up: News on Geotagging Word Documents and Big Data in Big Business

It's time to put your office documents on the map. Learn how geoenrichment technology can help you turn non-spatial files like Microsoft Word documents and PDFs into points on a map based on their geographic references in their contents. Find out how now.

Worldwide demand for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) rose by 12.5% last year. Over the next 20 years, it is expected to double. Learn more in this week's #DailyBrainCandiii post.

While we see weak market conditions today due to record new supply coming in, two successive mild winters and the Coronavirus situation, we expect equilibrium to return, driven by a combination of continued demand growth and reduction in new supply coming on-stream until the mid-2020s.

How are companies leveraging the insights gained from Big Data in the real world? How does it help them further develop their businesses? Let's explore in this week's #DailyBrainCandiii post.

Good data is more important than Big Data. Identifying variables that can be reliably measured and have a strong correlation to desired outcomes is more important than the total number of variables measured.

Explore our latest news and posts about industries like Electric, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, technology, and more. Check out our News & Updates for Industry now.


#DailyBrainCandiii and #WeekliiiRoundUp are inspired by brain candiii, a division of Integrated Informatics that develops Geographic Information System (GIS) training for Energy and Natural Resources professionals.


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