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Weekliii Round-Up: News on Cartography MOOC Education and Real Surveying

Explore those #DailyBrainCandiii articles and posts we have shared with you throughout this last week, including our own April Newsletter. It is sure to please. Sit back, relax, and grab another cup (or two) of coffee to go with our latest #WeekliiiRoundUp. Enjoy!

Are you interested in bolstering your cartography and map design skills? Beginning April 18th, Esri will be hosting a free, six-week massive open online course - dubbed MOOC - for just that! Learn more about best practices for cartography, creating maps that pull together the most common and useful cartographic elements that will make your data worth viewing.

Integrated Marco Studio suite of Knowledge Management applications for Geographic Information System (GIS) data now has a new product website to serve as an interactive brochure.

We know you work hard to manage your organization's geospatial data. We also know it is not the only thing on your already overflowing plate. Take your time (and data) back with Knowledge Management software designed with the spatial in mind. Want to learn more? Well, let us introduce you to Marco!

While solar-heavy states like California are leading the United States in energy storage targets, states in the Northeast may soon be on their heels.

A recent decision made by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to regulate energy storage rules coupled with a drop in the prices of storage systems themselves could prove the boost this region needs to get in the game.

Find out more in this week's #DailyBrainCandiii post.

How often do you ask yourself, "What is land surveying?" Is land surveying a narrow field of specific expertise or a wide expanse of overlapping skills joined together in a common cause? Is a surveying license the only way to demonstrate competency, or can you have skills that lie outside the commonly tested criteria? Dive in to this exploration of what "real" surveying is here.


#DailyBrainCandiii and #WeekliiiRoundUp are inspired by brain candiii, a division of Integrated Informatics that develops Geographic Information System (GIS) training for Energy and Natural Resources professionals.


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