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Weekliii Round-Up: News on Big Data Visualization Software for BI and New Permian Basin Projects

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Take a break and catch up on the news, articles, and resources we have shared with you throughout this week. Explore today's #WeekliiiRoundUp below!

We know that the Marco tools help analysts and professionals working with Geographic Information System (GIS) technology move their enterprise spatial data from Esri's ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro...but how? Discover how the Integrated Marco Studio apps and ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro Add-Ins assist in inventorying data, fixing broken links, and migrating ArcGIS Map Documents (.mxd) to ArcGIS Pro Projects (.aprx) now.

In IT, Business Intelligence (BI) tools are all the rage. Many professionals rely on software like Tableau, Spotfire, PowerBI, and even ArcGIS to visualize Big Data. What are the pros and cons of some of the most popular applications? What are your requirements for the ones that are used throughout your company? Let's explore in this week's #DailyBrainCandiii post comparing a few of the best BI tools in the biz.

What are the basic needs for a good Big Data visualization tool? It must be efficient in creating understandable data reports and dashboards to assimilate and aggregate massive and complex data from different sources. Even better, a tool must focus on being an interactive self-service analytics, development, and visualization tool. This is unlike the traditional enterprise-wide, IT-developed software which can only be used by a small group of technical users. A quality tool should give entry-level users the capability to use it efficiently and gain insights into Big Data.

There's a new Natural Gas pipeline headed to East Texas thanks to a project that seeks to route a new Natural Gas pipeline from West Texas to East Texas to support the burgeoning Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry expanding along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts. Learn more in this week's #DailyBrainCandiii post.

This week our team attended the Houston Engineering and Technology Career Fair in the Galleria area of Houston, TX where we networked with many professionals in the local industry and met with potential hires. Curious about how you can work with our team? Learn more about this event as well as more details on the benefits and opportunities available for those interested in working with Integrated now!


#DailyBrainCandiii and #WeekliiiRoundUp are inspired by brain candiii, a division of Integrated Informatics that develops Geographic Information System (GIS) training for Energy and Natural Resources professionals.


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