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Video: Integrated Marco Studio and Knowledge Management Know-How

For this week’s rendition of #MarcoMonday, we are taking a step back and giving you a post that is more on the visual side.

If you have been reading along here – or really, any of our social media accounts – lately, you have heard quite a bit about Knowledge Management. We dig it. You need it. Also, we are willing (a.k.a., stoked) to help you achieve it.

The video below highlights the important features your organization should consider when approaching Knowledge Management for an enterprise system. To help bring the point home, the Integrated Marco Studio suite is introduced as well. Unfortunately, floppy disks are not included.


Integrated Marco Studio is a suite of applications built with the ArcGIS platform and Knowledge Management in mind. These Add-Ins and web applications help teams to better manage and maintain the Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial data that they rely upon. Software is intended for use with ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. More information can be found at


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