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Video: Solutions, Services, and Simplification

At Integrated Informatics, Inc., simplifying processes and technology is the talk we talk and the walk we walk. The majority of our solutions were developed with easing stress caused by complex workflows in mind. Over the last decade, we have added a wealth of software to our resume - some coming at the request of a client or two, others resulting from inspiration sparked by a project at the time.

Integrated Geomancy - Feng Shui of Facility Siting - was not an idea that came out of rearranging furniture. We promise.

Although we primarily serve the Natural Resources sectors - like Petroleum and Electric Utilities - we realize the need for answers to frequently asked questions goes far beyond these niches. For situations like these, we have developed applications like the Integrated Marco Studio suite and are excited to conquer custom Geographic Information System (GIS) applications upon request.

Curious in what we have to offer? Check out the video below for an inside view into these solutions.


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