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Time for an Upgrade: Moving Marco from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

There is a Nobel Laureate who once said, "The times they are a-changin'." Although I cannot speak for Bob Dylan, I think that were he a geographer he would be referencing the way we use ArcGIS. Esri's ArcGIS platform is one of the most robust and trusted mapping resources in the Geographic Information System (GIS) industry. Organizations and institutions that employ it focus their efforts on working with ArcGIS Desktop - particularly ArcMap - and its various iterations. We know how to use it. We know its strengths and its weaknesses. Our spatial data and infrastructure are designed to be best utilized within this piece of software.

Like Mr. Dylan mentioned earlier, however, the times...they do seem to be getting a makeover. Over the last few years, Esri has been encouraging its community of devoted users to embrace its newest application - ArcGIS Pro. With a ribbon interface modeled after Microsoft, this software offers a slick approach to visualizing, editing, and performing analysis for both 2D and 3D data. It is primed to take over the arena formerly held exclusively by ArcMap, warranting companies move their data and maps to this environment.

Making a move to this application has proven difficult for many companies, however. Not only does ArcGIS Pro offer a whole new look, it also features a brand-new way of interacting with and storing your data. It sets aside the ArcMap Document (.mxd) for a newer, shinier ArcGIS Pro Map Project (.aprx). Because these are formatted differently, quickly setting established data on the network on a Pro-friendly path may not be feasible for all...until now.

Now, Integrated Marco Studio has gone Pro.

Meet Integrated Marco Pro

Take a step back in time with me. Exactly one week ago, you and I were sitting right here. We were chatting about the Broken Data Fight of the 21st Century. We were getting the scoop on the remarkable remapping capabilities of Integrated Marco Desktop.

Returning to present day, I would like the pleasure of introducing you to Integrated Marco Pro. Remember when I have a hint of this one back in February in the first #MarcoMonday post? This solution is an adaptation of the Integrated Marco Desktop functionality inside of the ArcGIS Pro environment. It is designed to facilitate the inventory and clean-up of network data as well as easily compile compatible ArcGIS Pro Map Projects from existing ArcGIS Map Documents.

This is the hero Gotham needs.

Data Inventory and Clean-Up

First released this month, this toolkit features several inventory-specific tools classic to the Integrated Marco Desktop solution. This includes both the Data Inventory Logger and Restricted Access Logger.

The first allows for the sleuthing of the network, via either Folder or Table, to determine those files currently available. Details for identification - such as data sources and file names - are recorded alongside more robust health-check feedback - like brokenness, ability to open (read here as corruption), and more. The second has a similar function, with the exception being it is geared toward recording those datasets and locations that require permission to access.

Sample Mapping Item Log produced by the Data Inventory Logger

Combined, both tools allow for quickly discerning the health and vitality of data on the network. Coupling this with Broken Layer Cleaner tool, you get a real sense of power. Who doesn't want to be able to clean their ArcGIS Pro Map Projects (.aprx) of broken layers without rooting through them? If you said no one, you are correct.

Move That Data Movement

In addition to the traditional Data Inventory and File Modification capabilities found in its predecessor, Integrated Marco Pro has a leg up in the conversion world. We realize the creation of ArcGIS Map Documents (.mxd) is a time commitment and a move to ArcGIS Pro will essentially warrant those blood, sweat, and tears as wasted time.

This application facilitates the conversion of ArcGIS Map Documents (.mxd) to ArcGIS Pro Projects (.aprx). No, I am not kidding. Yes, you may pick your jaw up off the floor.

With this feature, an ArcGIS Map Document and its contents are reshaped into the infrastructure utilized by ArcGIS Pro Map Projects and their unique format. Individual data frames are stored as separate maps within the Project. Symbology and attributes are carried over to this new environment. Even better, you did not have to create a ArcGIS Pro Map Project from scratch.

The Future of Pro

As ArcGIS Pro continues to grow and change, so will Integrated Marco Pro. It is only natural. This week alone we will likely see new details about ArcGIS Desktop's newest edition to come out of the Esri Partner Conference and Dev Summit in Palm Springs. In the meantime, we are gearing up to extend development on the application by introducing more Integrated Marco Desktop functionality - like spatial reference logging, heat map production, and remapping data sources - as well as add in features that could prove handy in the Move That Data movement soon to come.


Integrated Marco Studio is a suite of applications built with the ArcGIS platform and Knowledge Management in mind. These Add-Ins and web applications help teams to better manage and maintain the Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial data that they rely upon. Software is intended for use with ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. More information can be found at


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