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The Real World View: Explore Case Study Applications Of Our Biggest GIS Software

When it comes to investing in applications, software, and tools, we value seeing examples and case studies before making a big commitment. We want to know as much about the capabilities of the software solution at hand, how it can address our own needs, and what types of results to expect given the time and resources implementing it across our organization or within our team will involve. In simplest terms, we want to see it in the real-world.

We know you value this too.

To help you better understand the functionality of some of our most popular software solutions for Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation, our team has created online resources that show you a full view of how these applications work within your team and industry. Discover these below.

Meet Marco

It does not matter what industry you are working in - managing your organization's spatial data is essential. From Energy and Utilities on to Government and Public Safety, companies who work with Geographic Information System (GIS) data need to know what data they have, what data is usable (e.g., is not broken, is up to date), and what data needs routine maintenance. Having this knowledge helps you to better allocate your own resources and ensure your spatial information is still relevant. It also allows your team to make better decisions - everything from where your focus should be to developing more effective standards for training employees to manage data.

Solutions like the Integrated Marco Studio suite help you to accomplish just that. With five individual applications under its belt, this suite helps you to identify all data, weed out problem data, and implement changes for a brighter future. Solutions like Integrated Marco Pro also seek to help organizations make the leap from ArcMap to its newest ArcGIS Pro platform - a move that can be challenging for many teams with large stores of spatial data and files at their disposal. Applications like Integrated Marco Desktop and Integrated Marco Mystic can be used separately, or the whole suite may be threaded into a promising and powerful workflow for the best results.

Learn more about the Integrated Marco Studio suite and its individual solutions for the ArcGIS environmental at now.

Meet Geomancy

Built with the Oil and Gas industry in mind, the Integrated Geomancy toolkit allows Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals to plan efficient and cost-cutting routes for assets like pipeline gathering systems, transmission, and access roads. It helps teams in the early planning stages determine the optimal placement of Well Pad Sites and other assets, allowing them to approach this complex task from a place of understanding. By building a model of the area to be developed, industry professionals can better assess how these systems will work on a grand scale - a feat which is not often accomplished through traditional planning methods.

Learn more about the Integrated Geomancy Add-In for ArcGIS at now.


Explore how our Development Team can help your organization outline and create applications that are a custom fit for your team. From turn-key solutions to software built just for you, learn more about our Services and Solutions now.


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