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The Advantages (and Disadvantages) of Custom Development

Over the years, we have seen shifts in the technology world that have kept industries on their toes. More and more businesses are embracing the practice of storing data in the cloud, properly allocating the update of software and systems into annual budgets – a sign in itself that they recognize how important maintaining more relevant resources can be – and educating employees on newer and better ways to accomplish the same old tasks.

With all of this change, it can be easy for companies to become overwhelmed and assume that the technology they are investing in is, in fact, the end-all. That is, it will be a one-size solution that fits every need, every team, and every project.

The reality is…well, that this is not the reality.

While the software you employ may help with one part of what you need, you are likely to find that it does not offer support for another. Even worse – you may find that it does address your needs, but it cannot be used alongside your existing applications and infrastructure.

This is where targeted, or custom, software development comes in. Custom development allows companies to get exactly what they need the first time around. This service is uniquely designed to address business needs for workflows, infrastructure, and integration that many off-the-shelf applications fail to do.

Let’s explore a few advantages – and yes, even disadvantages – of introducing custom development services to everyday business operations.

1. Get the Perfect Fit

Easily the most important benefit of custom development lies in the word custom. Prior to any code being written, you decide what it is you need.

What does this application need to do? What workflows will it address? Will this completely replace a business process or simply supplement it?

The use cases for which this solution will be created can be addressed in totality rather than having to find software that only handles a selection.

While the service developing the software has the power to make it look and perform the way you want, you have the power to define the rules. That is not a perk most companies get from everyday off-the-shelf solutions.

2. Expertise Without the Price Tag