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Spice Up Your Data at the 2017 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference and Beyond

Well guys and gals, this is the week! What week? Well…#EsriPUG week, of course.

For anyone unfamiliar, Esri PUG – or the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference – is a show held in Houston, TX for those professionals embracing Geographic Information System (GIS) technology in the Petroleum and Oil and Gas pipeline industry. We here at Integrated enjoy it not just because it is right on our doorstep, but also because it gives us an opportunity to catch up with clients, colleagues, and friends. The other nice part? It gives us a chance to show off a little something new.

Swag doesn’t hurt either.

We wanted to take this #MarcoMonday to highlight the fun stuff we have going on at the show this year – like our highlights, giveaway, and theme. Guys and gals, it is going to be redwait for ithawt.

If you have been paying attention to our Instagram and Twitter at all the past couple of days, you will notice we have a bold new theme for this year’s show. If you have not been paying attention (or even following), find us at @iii_gis on both Twitter and Instagram. We wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun! Although we have thrown out a couple hints so far about what this year's theme will be centered around, I do not plan to officially unveil it until tomorrow. However, if you are here and taking the time to read this, I want to go ahead and give you a peek.


Okay, let’s do this.

That’s right. We are spicing things up this year. Although we have a slew of new and awesome things to show you across the board, the main product we are excited to highlight is the Integrated Marco Studio suite. As of this week, this solution has hit version 5.0 boasting many new features and functionality that are awe-mazing...errr, amazing. If you are up to speed on the past #MarcoMonday posts, you know a thing or two about this group of Geographic Information System (GIS) software solutions. If you are not…well, no fear. That is what I am here for, after all.


Let's Meet Marco

Integrated Marco Studio is a Knowledge Management suite of applications that provides you the ability to better manage spatial data. We strongly believe data does not have to be disorganized or bland. In fact, we encourage you to heat up your Knowledge Management practices as to ensure every piece is well kept, timely, and palatable. Within this suite, we have applications ranging from ArcGIS Add-Ins aiding in repointing broken data sources to web applications inventorying data across the network to produce a thorough data architecture of those bits and pieces found.

There are quite a few products in this suite. We encourage you to come chat with us about all of them. However, if you are looking for a few key highlights on each to get you started, here is a quick overview of the latest developments on each.

Integrated Marco Pro

The newest application to the Integrated Marco Studio suite, this beauty is an Add-In for ArcGIS Pro (yes, you read that correctly) that aides in inventorying the presence and health of ArcGIS Pro Map Projects. Even better, Integrated Marco Pro allows you to quickly and painlessly convert ArcGIS Map Documents to ArcGIS Pro Map Projects in bulk to avoid the horrors of creating maps from scratch for this new environment. This product is slated to be to ArcGIS Pro what the Integrated Marco Desktop solution is to ArcMap.

Integrated Marco Desktop

Speaking of such, this ArcGIS Add-In still facilitates the practices it has always been touted for, like inventorying spatial data, editing/updating metadata, finding broken data sources, cleaning them out, and allowing you to easily repoint and repath these files to their correct sources. Now, it has taken a step further to prepare you for moving data to an ArcGIS Pro environment. Similar to the conversion features in Integrated Marco Pro, the Integrated Marco Desktop Add-In now includes the ability to convert ArcGIS Map Documents to ArcGIS Pro Map Projects in their native environment.

Integrated Marco Commander

The big, bad brother of Integrated Marco Desktop, this application has many of the same capabilities of its predecessor but on a much larger scale. Designed for the server-side of things, this software is run primarily via command-line. The new cool part of it? The expansive functionality of Integrated Marco Commander is now wrapped up into Integrated Marco Mystic for easy, familiar deployment from a web browser. Not cool enough? A GeoEnrichment Extension is available that allows the geo-tagging of documents found on the network, opening up the doors to wrangling that data that falls just outside of the spatial realm.

Integrated Marco Mystic

I don’t like to play favorites, but this is easily one of the coolest apps in this suite. There, I said it. The rest will just have to sulk. Deployed through a web browser, the Integrated Marco Mystic solution allows Administrators to run Integrated Marco Commander tools and perform high-level analysis. It also facilitates the search and discovery of data found by these tools, permitting both Administrators and the average Joe alike to search keywords and customize filters in the search engine view to better determine what data is available. How did we make this even saucier in v5.0? Well, you now have the option to run multiple (no, not just single) Integrated Marco Commander instances across multiple machines while controlling them from the same interface. It gives you power you never knew you needed.

Integrated Marco Palette

Built for ArcMap, the Integrated Marco Palette Add-In is intended to be the solution you will turn to once the organization and health of your spatial data has reached a manageable (errr, palatable?) point. It allows for the creation of a Corporate Data Registry, storing the locations of Layer Files on the system that may then be added directly to ArcMap through its catalog interface without forcing you to hunt it down. It helps to answer the “How do I have my data and see it too?” question we sometimes are forced to face.

All of these applications are amazing in their own right, aiding in adding a little spice to your data life. When used together though? Oh man. They are the Sriracha of Solutions, the Tabasco of Turnout, the Crystal of Competence, the Sultan of Swat…oh wait, that’s another topic entirely.

If you happen to be at the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference this week, we encourage you to drop by our booth - Booth #412 in the Expo Hall - and chat us up. Let us show off these products for through demos, watch corny videos, collect some savory swag, and even enter our picture-perfect giveaway for an Echo Dot. Don’t want to do any of that? Well, come by to take a load off and just shoot the breeze. We don’t mind.

Attending sessions? Our team also has a few talks planned. Find the schedule here. We look forward to catching up with everyone and making a few new friends in the process!


About the Conference

The Esri Petroleum GIS Conference is hosted to hear from members of the Petroleum community as they share their most successful Geographic Information System (GIS) applications for E&P, distribution, and business operations. For more information about this show, see


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