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Speed Showcases, Fast Talking, and Data Viz Demos at 2017 GeoAlberta Conference

This week our team in Calgary, Alberta had the pleasure of speaking to GeoAlberta Conference attendees during their Speed Showcase sessions. For those unfamiliar with this format, each talk lasts ten minutes, allowing presenters to quickly show off their newest concepts, solutions, and case studies. If desired, they may also turn any extra minutes at the end of the talk into a song and dance, moon walking to cheers from onlookers.

Okay, maybe that last part isn't all true...but wouldn't it be fun?

If you were not able to make it out, I thought I would pass along a few quick "take home" features you missed out on. Our team presented on topics like Spatial Analysis and Data Viz, Knowledge Management, and Full Field Optimization. Below you will find the animations that were included in each talk, enjoy!

Sharing Data Between Tableau and ArcGIS: Advanced Spatial Analyses Combined with High Quality Visualization

Presented by Lenny Yu, Senior Geomatics Consultant at Integrated Informatics, the purpose of this talk was to showcase the enhanced visualizations you can create from spatial data in Tableau - as well as discuss how that spatial data might be moved from a Geographic Information System (GIS) environment like ArcMap to Tableau itself.

Enterprise Scale Spatial Data Discovery and Geo-Enrichment

Presented by Travis Tang, Senior GIS Analyst at Integrated Informatics, the goal of this talk was to encourage the embrace of Knowledge Management as a common and reputable practice within enterprise systems.

Full Field Decision Support for Unconventional Field Development (Road, Pipeline, and Well Pad Siting)

Presented by Lori Odegard, Senior Business Advisor at Integrated Informatics, this talk centered around planning considerations and options when it comes to Full Field Optimization for assets in the Oil and Gas and Natural Resources industries.

We are thankful to GeoAlberta for allowing us to take part in their show again this year. If you were able to attend but did not get a chance to catch up with us, we encourage you to reach moon walking required!


About the Conference

The GeoAlberta Conference is the premier geospatial conference in Western Canada.

For more information about this event, visit


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