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Spatial Data Diagnosis: Marco and the Geographic Transformation

Blog series on reviewing spatial data and identifying broken files and issues, including finding the geographic transformation and Coordinate Reference System CRS for each Geographic Information System GIS dataset.

Welcome back to another edition of Ask Marco! Okay, sorry. I meant #MarcoMonday. This isn’t the beginnings of a "Dear Abby" column…or is it?

We are continuing our path down the Data Diagnosis Q + A road this week by meandering into geographic transformation territory. We will cover spatial references in a future post, but for now…let’s figure out the best method for answering the following question:

How many maps are using non-standard geographic transformations?

Document Derring-Do

Whether you are looking for a count or specifics of those ArcGIS Map Documents using geographic transformations, Integrated Marco Commander is the way to go. With the help of the marco document tool, you can pull a variety of details – bookmarks, spatial reference, etc. Shown below in the Integrated Marco Mystic interface, this tool does not require additional run options (such as the specification of file types) to successfully pull these details.