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Simplified Software Solutions for Specialty Use Cases

We have a slew of solutions here at Integrated Informatics, Inc. that we think would be of benefit to you, your next project, and your organization at large. These solutions typically fall into categories of Decision Support, Specialty Use Cases, Enterprise Services, Knowledge Management, and Transmission and Pipeline.

Today, we want to introduce you to our Specialty Use Case solutions. These applications are involved in a range of processes - from supporting Python professionals to converting various data formats - that a user may find themselves employing depending on the industry, project, or data at hand.

Map Your Data and See It Too

With big data, comes big visualizations. Some teams employ their data with Tableau, a robust data visualization and analysis software. In recent years, Tableau has enhanced its mapping capabilities to allow for easier integration of spatial data like shapefiles and KML. However, it still has yet to hit the sweet spot. Integrated Portage was created to aide you in converting spatial data, like tables and feature classes, to Tableau Data Extract (TDE) files for easier movement from ArcGIS to Tableau. As an Add-In for ArcGIS, it also allows Tableau-specific data to be imported into ArcMap for viewing and analysis. With this solution, you no longer have to limit yourself to a single #dataviz platform. 

For the Python and Geoprocessing Professional

Finding a Python package that suits the needs of the average Geographic Information System (GIS) professional - especially one that requires geoprocessing heavy lifting - can be a feat. Creating your own? Well, that is an adventure in itself. Integrated Python Geoprocessing - codename: pygp - is a custom Python package specifically designed for ArcGIS, complete with geoprocessing capabilities. It is actively developed and fully tested. After all, it is the backbone of our various software solutions.

Seismic and Survey Data at Your Fingertips

Seismic in its own right, Integrated Geodetics Toolkit assists teams in workflows that typically accompany the loading, visualization, and analysis of well survey and seismic navigation data. An Add-In for ArcGIS that boasts 70+ tools, this solution is used to load this data from their native formats into Esri GIS formats followed by enabling visualization and analysis, auditing of seismic data, reformatting of survey data, reporting, and much more.

Explore Simplified Solutions

Interested in more details about each of these applications or want to see what other solutions we offer? Drop by our Solutions page for quick breakdown or view the links below.





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