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Simplified Software Solutions for Knowledge Management

We have a slew of solutions here at Integrated Informatics, Inc. that we think would be of benefit to you, your next project, and your organization at large. These solutions typically fall into categories of Decision Support, Specialty Use Cases, Enterprise Services, Knowledge Management, and Transmission and Pipeline.

Today, we will be introducing those applications that fall under Knowledge Management. These solutions are designed to assist in the organization and analysis of information and resources.

Blog post on the software solutions offered by Integrated Informatics Inc including Knowledge Management.


Spatial Data Inventory Server-Side

A high-performance application used for Spatial Data Inventory and Discovery, Integrated Marco Commander is the solution for you to do as much as heavy lifting as needed. It is designed for parallel-processing and server-class machines to allow you to scan multiple network locations simultaneously from more than one machine. Its tools are implemented via command line and run from the Windows' Command Prompt, making it easy to integrate into systems and automate processing. It allows for multiple installations on numerous machines, tracking changes with a central index and controller. It is the perfect solution for those circumstances when inventorying inside of ArcGIS is not desirable - or simply when you are looking to be blown away.

Search and Discover on the Web

Blog post on the software solutions offered by Integrated Informatics Inc including Knowledge Management like Integrated Marco Mystic web application for viewing, searching, and analyzing spatial data.

This web app is kind of like Integrated Marco Commander...but more magical. (Dare we say, mystical?) Deployed through a web browser, Integrated Marco Mystic allows you to search through Spatial Data Inventory results gathered by processes previously run with those tools found in Integrated Marco Commander. Better yet, it houses all inventory tools in-app to allow for a smooth interface from which to perform health checks, ensuring your valuable time and resources are not spent moving back and forth between apps. Analysis, reporting, and Admin access are all a portion of what this solution offers as well.

Repoint and Repath

As an ArcGIS Desktop component, this Add-In - formerly known as Repoint and Repath - allows for inventorying spatial data found in Folders and Tables. Results pulled with Integrated Marco Desktop may be used for health checks, showcasing frequency of use and brokenness. Found broken data? Tools are available to repoint and repath (i.e., remap) data sources. Even better? Prep your ArcGIS Map Documents (.mxd) for ArcGIS Pro by converting them (in bulk!) to compatible ArcGIS Pro Map Projects. Yes, you read that right.

Repoint and Repath Go Pro

Blog post on the software solutions offered by Integrated Informatics Inc including Knowledge Management like Integrated Marco Pro for working with spatial data in Esri ArcGIS Pro.

Like we said, we want to help you to begin moving from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. Integrated Marco Pro, an Add-In for ArcGIS Pro, helps to inventory and clean ArcGIS Pro Map Projects. It also converts ArcGIS Map Documents (.mxd) to ArcGIS Pro Map Projects (.aprx) in bulk. It's pretty sweet, we have to admit...and is bound to get even sweeter as ArcGIS Pro itself evolves.

Have Layers, Will Travel

Have your spatial data in a nice, healthy state? Nothing broken? No hurt feelings? This Add-In for ArcMap, Integrated Marco Palette, can be used to compile a Corporate Data Registry outlining the locations of your favorite files. These layers may then be added directly to ArcMap without having to hunt them down or even navigating to the location in which they are stored. As much fun as scavenger hunts can be, no one enjoys them when they involve precious data.


Explore Simplified Solutions

Interested in more details about each of these applications or want to see what other solutions we offer? Drop by our Solutions page for quick breakdown or view the links below.


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