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Simplified Software Solutions for Enterprise Services

We have a slew of solutions here at Integrated Informatics, Inc. that we think would be of benefit to you, your next project, and your organization at large. These solutions typically fall into categories of Decision Support, Specialty Use Cases, Enterprise Services, Knowledge Management, and Transmission and Pipeline.

Blog post on the software solutions offered by Integrated Informatics Inc including Enterprise Services.

Today, we will be introducing those solutions that fall under Enterprise Services.


Strategy Development and Implementation

All great successes begin with a plan. Our company has a proven ability to deliver, develop, and implement strategies, systems, and technologies designed to support the goals of your business and project. We believe strongly that in order for a strategy to be successful, a path forward must also be carefully considered in relation to its near and long-term implementation activities. We work with you and your organization to better define these processes, integrating feedback alongside the organization's existing schedule of events to ensure all parties are on a clear road to success.

Spatial Data Management

Blog post on the software solutions offered by Integrated Informatics Inc including Enterprise Services and managing Esri ArcGIS spatial data.

With much of our work based in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the Natural Resources, Electric, and Environmental sectors, we realize that one of the commonalities each industry faces is that of properly maintaining and managing its enterprise spatial data. Our team has worked for years alongside our clients to help them develop and fine-tune their own databases, building up best practices and recommendations in the process. This is a practices we often implement on-site for clients, and it is also one we have rolled into applications designed to help you succeed on your own with - such as the Integrated Marco Studio suite of tools.

Workflow Process Support

Our team is highly skilled in geoprocessing development with the goal of turning complex business needs and workflows into clear, concise, and - most importantly - automated processes. We strive to aide organizations in improving the usability of their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, whether this be the ArcGIS platform or a compatible in-house solution, to ensure they get the most use out of these systems. Many of our software solutions are developed with this concept in mind, seeing the need for business practices to be more efficient across the board.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Training and Support

While we are diligent in our efforts to ensure processes and solutions meet the needs of our clients, we are equally as attentive to making sure you know how to use these resources. Much of the software that is used throughout the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) field is complex in nature with many applications, like the ArcGIS platform, constantly evolving. We believe that in order to become proficient in this field you must be properly outfitted with the training and assistance that will help you to succeed. We encourage clients to reach out to us for any support needs. Not a client? We would still love to help you out.


Explore Simplified Solutions

Interested in more details about each of these applications or want to see what other solutions we offer? Drop by our Solutions page for quick breakdown or view the links below.


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