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Integrated Marco Studio Finds A New Home Online

Houston, TX (US) - Our team at Integrated Informatics Inc. is excited to launch our new product website for Integrated Marco Studio, a resource for Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals to fully dive into our premiere Knowledge Management software suite for enterprise spatial data.

View of Integrated Marco Studio Product Website for ArcGIS spatial data management on Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile.

Years ago, this suite for the ArcGIS platform began as a simple toolkit still known to many of our customers as Repoint and Repath. Since then, it has evolved into a set of five uniquely beneficial applications that aide organizations in overcoming many of the challenges faced when governing and managing Esri-based spatial data. While we believe each individual application stands on its own, we have also seen the ease and organization it brings when employed together on an enterprise network.

For this reason, we wanted to have a home where it could be properly represented - where GIS professionals and industry experts alike may better understand the full functionality of each application and how they may fit seamlessly into their own workflows. Found at - learn more about products like Integrated Marco Desktop and Integrated Marco Mystic, discovering how they can be applied to Spatial Data Discovery processes, Corporate Data Standardization, and even ArcGIS Pro Migration. Explore it now!


Integrated Marco Studio is a suite of applications built with the ArcGIS platform and Knowledge Management in mind. These Add-Ins and web applications help teams to better manage and maintain the Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial data that they rely upon. Software is intended for use with ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. More information can be found at


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