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Integrated Geomancy Finds A New Home For The Holidays

Houston, TX (US) - Our team at Integrated Informatics Inc. is excited to launch our new product website for Integrated Geomancy, an application developed for Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals within the Oil and Gas industry to better optimize assets and resources during planning.

View of Integrated Geomancy Product Website on Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile.

Over the years, the Integrated Geomancy has grown from a simple ArcGIS-based toolkit meant primarily for locating optimal placements of facilities and pipelines to a solution that is essential to the planning process for both onshore and offshore field development. Its robust Geomancy Decision Engine encompasses temporal analysis processing, customized results reporting, and flexible project preparation. Its capabilities strive to make the planning process more streamlined for Oil and Gas and pipeline professionals - and it has done just that (and more) for many of our clients.

Similar to the way we approached the representation of our Integrated Marco Studio suite of applications earlier this year, we wanted a home for this software product where it could be properly represented. Allowing professionals to explore the functionality, tools, and scenarios wrapped into the Integrated Geomancy application, the website now offers a full view of the ways this solution can be applied to Full Field Optimization, Well Pad Siting, Offshore Development, and much more. Explore it now!


Ready for a trial or demo? Contact our team at now. View additional product details online here.


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