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Product Release: Integrated Geodetics Toolkit Version 3.2.0 for Seismic and Well Data Loading

Houston, TX (US) - Our team at Integrated Informatics is please to announce that the Integrated Geodetics Toolkit for Seismic and Well Data, a toolkit for reading and loading seismic navigation and well survey information into native Geographic Information System (GIS) formats, is now available with the following features and enhancements:

Desktop view of Well Survey and Seismic data visualized from GIS formats created by the Integrated Geodetics Toolkit.

Integrated Geodetics Toolkit Version 3.2.0

  • Decimate seismic files by line or point identifier during Survey Outline creation. This feature is appropriate for extremely large files, and used to reduce the point-count without sacrificing quality.

  • Experience faster processing with the newly-added point reduction strategies within the Seismic Points PolylineMZ tool. Utilize a number of decimation strategies given as options within the tool, with varying speed vs.completeness trade-offs.

  • Execute a dataset of virtually any size, even when no decimation is carried out by using the new Fixed Point to Seismic Line implementation.

  • Benefit from a variety of additional minor enhancements.


The Integrated Geodetics Toolkit (GDX) for Seismic and Well Data contains 70+ tools that provide industry professionals the ability to quickly read and load well survey and seismic navigation data into common Esri GIS formats for visualization and analysis.

More information about this Add-In for ArcGIS can be found here.


Ready for a trial or demo? Contact our team at now. View additional product details online here.


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