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Product Launch: Integrated Unveils Latest Utilities Asset Inspection Tool for Mobile

New Application Enables Faster, Easier and More Accurate Utility Asset Inspections

St. John’s, NL (Canada)Integrated Informatics Inc., a leading consultancy for Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation and development, today unveiled its latest Utilities Asset Inspection Tool. Established to support field crews working in extreme weather conditions, this application is intended for the collection of large amounts of asset condition data – helping to ensure continued high quality electrical service.

Mobile application for Utilities Asset Inspection used by Energy Field Crews in St. John's, NL.

Designed for use with ruggedized tablets, the tools available in this software leverage the tactile functionalities synonymous with these devices. Together, with the integration of the device’s GPS and the intelligent, intuitive forms provided for ease of maintenance, the Utilities Asset Inspection Tool allows for fast and accurate location of assets at inspection.

This application is completely customizable, easily adapting to diverse business models in the Energy and Utilities sectors. Whether employed in the inspection of electric lines or offshore windmills, this toolset allows for easy, fast, and accurate data collection in the field.

Additionally, it includes the following functionalities:

  • Offline display of high resolution imagery and maps, allowing for the collection of data in the field without network connection.

  • Customizable and intelligent forms to capture business process-specific information.

  • Synchronization of data collected to/from enterprise databases on premises, supporting just-in-time decision making.

“Utilities companies require ways to facilitate the already difficult job of collecting sizeable amounts of complex data in remote areas and extreme weather conditions. This tool has the advantage of safely and robustly synchronizing data collected in the field, in near real-time and with a central database, allowing managers to view that information immediately – thus improving the decision making process.”


Integrated Informatics Inc. is a leading consultancy for Geographic Information System implementation and development. Founded in 2002, Integrated Informatics provides spatial data management, workflow and process automation, and custom mapping solutions to the Energy and Natural Resource sectors throughout North America with offices in Calgary, Alberta, Houston, Texas, and St. John's, Newfoundland. For more information, visit


Update (March 2017) - This application is now referred to as Integrated Rigger. More information can be found by exploring Integrated's Solutions.


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