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Product Launch: "Integrated Offsite" Is The New "Integrated Overland Flow and Tracing" Application

Houston, TX (US) - Integrated Informatics is excited to announce the rebranding of its robust Integrated Overland Flow and Tracing application, now known as Integrated Offsite. It is not uncommon for people and products alike - even The Duke was not born John Wayne - to be renamed as the functionality and sweeping mission evolves throughout its life-cycle. Integrated Offsite is a prime example of this.

Desktop view of output results of the Integrated Offsite GIS application for ArcGIS, showing pipeline overflow stream trace for Oil and Gas and Emergency Response oil spills.

Integrated Offsite allows for fate and transport modeling of uncontrolled releases from liquid pipelines over land and along streams and rivers. Our approach is based on rigorous methods that have been continuously developed and refined over the last 10+ years, incorporating the unique aspect of performing modeling on a time-basis to further enhance Integrity Management and Emergency Preparedness.

The advanced capabilities of Integrated Offsite include the handling of land cover, soil infiltration, automatic flow convergence and divergence, as well as ensuring that fluid properties are addressed in all aspects of the modeling. The application also includes the necessary supporting tools for preparing data, performing spill extents, and summarizing results using a High Consequence Area (HCA) analysis. It is built with the Oil and Gas and Emergency Response sectors in mind.


Integrated Offsite is an Add-In for ArcGIS designed to aide in the identification of liquid spill routes and impact from pipelines. By analyzing High Consequence Areas (HCAs), pipeline placement, and surrounding environment and infrastructure, organizations have a better chance of designing Integrity Management, Emergency Preparedness, and Emergency Response practices that can be deployed in the event an incident occurs. More information about this software can be found here.


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