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Success in Porting Custom GIS Solutions to Use Python and ArcGIS 10

Houston, TX (US) - Earlier this year, our team at Integrated began a rather intense process of redesigning and porting as many of our products from ArcObjects to pure Python. We are pleased to say that we have migrated the lion share of our analytic and mapping products to use only the Python programming language, the Geoprocessing framework, and in certain cases the newly exposed mapping capabilities of Esri's ArcGIS 10.

Porting ArcGIS Add-In applications from an ArcObjects basis to a framework of Python and Geoprocessing.

The beautiful part of having used Python for our products is that we have been able to support multiple versions of ArcGIS - presently 9.2 through to 10 - with a single code base via the use of our internally developed Python package called pygp. The Integrated Python Geoprocessing (pygp) package allows our developers to maintain all of our custom GIS applications that utilize those mapping and Geoprocessing settings necessary for Add-Ins to work efficiently within the ArcGIS software.

Here are just two examples of applications that have been ported so far:

  1. Integrated Repoint and Repath

  2. Integrated Class Location Analyst

These applications are built as ArcGIS Add-Ins with more information about each available here.


The Integrated Repoint and Repath application is now called Integrated Marco Desktop. This solution is part of the Integrated Marco Studio suite of custom Geographic Information System (GIS) and Knowledge Management software for ArcGIS. Find more details on the full suite at


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