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Now Is The Perfect Time To Do Good In Your Community

Houston, TX (US) - The beginning of 2020 has proven a challenging time for many industries, businesses, and individuals across the world. Because of the global pandemic, many companies are shutting their doors, a record number of employees are working from home, citizens across the United States and Canada are asked to practice social distancing, and unnecessary travel has been suspended.

One of the most taxing repercussions of these measures to limit the exposure and spread of the virus has been the closing of schools and universities. Parents are faced with the prospect of homeschooling their primary and secondary aged children, helping to find enriching activities to keep them entertained over the next few weeks while this storm passes. This in itself has raised the awareness of how valuable school resources are to children and parents alike - from providing a place for young minds to receive a proper education to making it possible for working parents to do their jobs during work hours knowing their children are being cared for.

Another issue that has become more evident is how many families rely on public school for their children to receive sufficient and nutritious meals at breakfast and lunch. This could be for any number of reasons, such as financial insecurity that straps food budgets, lack of healthy food options nearby, etc. These factors coupled with the fact that many working class families do not have the cost of these meals factored into budgets during the school year - as well as the current unavailability of certain foods and household items in many parts of the country - is bound to be an immense source of stress over the coming weeks.

While this issue cannot be fixed in the blink of an eye, one organization that seeks to make these times easier is No Kid Hungry. Their primary goal is to provide families facing hunger with the means and resources they need, including direct access to food, proper education and skills-building for nutrition, lessons on affordable cooking, and more.

Integrated's sponsorship of professional cyclist Phil Gaimon in 2019 and 2020 has been centered around supporting this organization and others like it, pushing to bring communities together, and providing an outlet for doing good when and where you can.

Are you in a position to do good?

Due to the government order for social distancing and travel bans, Gaimon recently cut short his cycling tour across the United States. Instead of bring communities together in person, his goal now is to bring everyone together virtually.

He has started by sharing positive content and updates across his social media platforms - including his YouTube channel - as well as asking that those who are in a position to give back do so. His newest campaign for No Kid Hungry has launched early to allow our community to donate if they are able. Find full details about this fundraiser on the Chefs Cycle website or here.


About Phil Gaimon

Phil Gaimon was a professional cyclist from 2009 to 2016. Since retiring, he has continued to be active in the cycling community with his most recent mission being vying to qualify for the 2020 Olympics. He is currently traveling across the United States, training with local cyclists, and raising money for the No Kids Hungry and Chefs Cycle organizations in the process.

Get to know Phil Gaimon at, view his series Worst Retirement Ever on YouTube, and follow along with his fundraiser here.


About No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry is working to end child hunger in America today by ensuring that all children get the healthy food they need to thrive. By organizing programs like School Breakfast, Summer Meals, and Foods Skills Education, this organization seeks to provide kids with nourishing meals while also teaching their familiars and caregivers how to shop smarter and cook healthier. Learn more about this campaign at


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