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Newsletter: From Our Team To Yours, Ways To Stay Productive And Sane When Working From Home

Updated: Apr 3

Houston, TX (US) - The global spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, is keeping people at home. As preventative measures are being put in place to decrease the risk of infection and stop the spread of the virus, many businesses are urging employees to work from home (WFH). Here at Integrated, much of our team across the United States and Canada works remotely on a regular basis. Those who work onsite for clients or in our offices in Houston, Calgary, and St. John's are now also making the virtual commute, working from home.

To help teams ease the transition away from the office, face challenges associated with remote working, and stay productive (and sane) during what may be a stressful time, we have put together 15 tips from our own experiences with the process.

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