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Meet the Safe Neighbor Database

Effective management of stakeholder information across an enterprise has been a constant challenge to energy companies, especially those with an ever-growing need to do more with less, and while continuing to meet regulatory obligations. Communication with stakeholders and managing stakeholder relationships are integral to good business practices, and a positive indicator of progressive corporate culture. Proper management of, and timely access to stakeholder information is critical with regard to emergency response situations, public consultation programs, decision support, project design constraints, and asset accessibility for maintenance programs.

Stakeholder Management for the Enterprise

The Safe Neighbor Database is a stand-alone application providing the ability to store, manage, report, integrate, query, and visualize stakeholder information. This application provides a simple and flexible interface for viewing and editing data and is backed by a rich data model capable of managing stakeholder information across the corporation.

Data managed in the Safe Neighbor Database is seamlessly integrated into a variety of core workflows such as: 

  • Structures for Class Location Analysis

  • Emergency Response and Evacuation

  • Parcel Ownership for Land Access

  • Reporting on Outstanding Commitments

  • Sensitivity Analysis for Areas of Operations

  • Pre-job Safety Meetings for Land Agents

Safe Neighbor is an effective tool for tracking events regarding in-person contact, phone conversations, corporate commitments, specific instructions around land access, and any other special information needed when managing relationships.