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Meet Integrated Rigger: Utilities Asset Inspection Toolkit for Desktop and Mobile

Organizations within the Utilities Industries wear many hats, involving themselves in the collection of asset data, managing the wealth of resources for which they are responsible, and maintaining best practices and standards that keep both their employees and customers safe. Simultaneously, these companies often have the added stress of environmental conditions – like extreme weather conditions – that threaten the effectiveness of these services. For this reason, we wanted to take this #MeetTheProduct moment to introduce you to Integrated Rigger.

Mobile Collection

Formerly known as the Utilities Asset Inspection Tool, Integrated Rigger helps to combat this issue. This application adds a new resource to the workflow often used by these companies to ensure they make the most of their time and means.

Established to support field crews working in extreme weather conditions - like those found in Newfoundland and Labrador where this solution was born - this application aides in the collection of large amounts of asset condition data necessary to guarantee continued high quality service. Designed for use on rugged tablets, Integrated Rigger leverages tactile and GPS functionalities alongside the latest Esri technologies as offline display of high resolution imagery.

Cross-Platform Integration

By combining the mobility of tablets with the stability of on-premises deployments, synchronization of the data collected to and from enterprise databases helps to support just-in-time decision making and asset monitoring. This infrastructure allows for the display of the real-time collection of data in the field to then be customized and analyzed with the search, query, and reporting tools available within the Integrated Rigger application.

This solution is completely customizable, easily adapting to diverse business models in the Utilities sector. Whether employed in the inspection of electric lines or offshore windmills, this application allows for easy, fast, and accurate data collection in the field, reducing field work time and human errors that often plague data collection – as well as optimizing response times and the decision-making processes used throughout the higher levels of the organizations.


Integrated Rigger enables Utilities field crews to record asset condition data while out in the field, providing them an application to easily and reliably collect information based on company-specified parameters and GPS functionality. With both a desktop and mobile component, this application encouraged easy transfer from either platforms - adding a new level of ease to the Utilities Asset Inspection workflow. Learn more about this solution here.


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