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Meet Integrated Folio: Alignment Sheet Extraordinaire

Over the last couple of years, we have given several of our products makeovers. They refused a haircut and new wardrobe so we were forced to settle, opting instead for tailoring functionality and giving them classy new names. One such product who received the Integrated treatment is that of our Alignment Sheet generator, now known as Integrated Folio.

Around since the days of ArcView GIS 3.x, this application has gone through several iterations to make it what it is today - a fully flexible solution for your Alignment Sheet generation tasks.

The Integrated Folio application offers a refreshingly simple approach to generating Alignment Sheets within an ArcGIS environment. Deployed as an Add-In for ArcMap, it allows for full customization when generating templates by employing an Excel-based configuration file as well as viewing sheets within ArcMap. Its tools facilitate the population of the template with the specified data layers and further supports the richness of symbology and labeling in ArcGIS...because you need to have your data and see it too.

Integrated Folio is an interactive infographic along your corridor - meaning, any page within the map series may be navigated to and viewed live within the application. Additionally, the toolset enables the production of often tricky features like elevation profiles, map windows, and band lines. To further aide in customization, individual maps may be exported to both PDF and ArcGIS Map Document (.mxd) formats for tweaks, edits, and amazement.

With the support of virtually any data source that can be used within ArcGIS, Integrated Folio is able to generate alignment sheets using shapefiles, event layers, elevation profiles, and more. Fuse together data from APDM, PODS, PODS Spatial, other industries, and client-specific databases to build data rich Alignment Sheets to serve as both a comprehensive view of the corridor and infographic for your pipeline.


Integrated Folio is an Add-In for ArcGIS that enables Oil and Gas professionals to better generate Alignment Sheets for pipeline assets. More information about the application in use can be found here.


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