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Integrated Informatics To Sponsor Local Race Promoting The Achilles International Organization

Houston, TX (US) - Integrated Informatics is excited to announce sponsorship of The West End Brew Run, a certified 5k race benefiting the Houston Chapter of the Achilles International.

Partnering with organizations that encourage inclusivity as well as increasing the quality of life of those in our community is a key value for our company. Previously, we have fulfilled this through our efforts in collaborating with local universities and providing students with scholarships. Now, we are thrilled to extend this to the local Houston community through the encouragement of health, fitness, and networking.

The event will be held on April 22, 2017 at The West End - A Public House in the Galleria area of Houston. The race begins at 8:30 am CT. View more about this event online.


About the Achilles International

The mission of Achilles International is to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics in order to promote personal achievement, enhance self-esteem, and lower barriers to living a fulfilling life. Members of the organization meet weekly, pairing each athlete with an able-bodied volunteer for support. This chapter welcomes people of all disabilities, ages, and fitness levels to participate. Learn more about this group at


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