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Integrated Informatics' Team Creates Career Day Curiosity With Interactive Mapping Presentation

Houston, TX (US) - Darren Tompkins, of Integrated Informatics Inc., recently spoke at Sugar Land Middle School to eighth-grade students on Career Day. Tompkins, who has a Bachelor's Degree in Geographic Information Science (GIS) from the University of South Carolina, spoke with nearly 100 students on the many career fields offered in the GIS world.

Darren Tompkins of Integrated Informatics Inc. talks to eighth-grade students on Career Day talking about GIS careers.

"It was important for me to be able to speak their language a bit to ensure they were engaged on the presentation," reported Tompkins. "I started the 25-minute presentation with a quick geography cartoon from the TV show, Animaniacs. I then showed the students an interactive map of sales between the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video gaming systems across the country, and took a poll. The student feedback aligned with what the map showed, more Xboxes were sold in Texas than Playstations.”

Tompkins then followed up with a discussion of how Integrated Informatics’ software can benefit them and their parents, many of whom work in the Energy sector. Integrated Informatics’ flagship product, Integrated Geomancy, was colorful and engaging enough to keep the students' attention.

"If Integrated Geomancy is slick enough to draw the attention of squirming middle school students right before lunch, it definitely wows professionals in the Oil and Gas industry."


Integrated Informatics Inc. is a leading consultancy for Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation and development. Founded in 2002, Integrated Informatics provides spatial data management, workflow and process automation, and custom mapping solutions to the Energy and Natural Resource sectors throughout North America with offices in Houston, Texas, Calgary, Alberta, and St. John's, Newfoundland. For more information, visit


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