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Integrated Informatics Releases Repoint and Repath Version 3.1.0

Houston, TX (US) - Integrated Informatics Inc. announces their latest version of the popular path-reference tool for ArcGIS with Integrated Repoint and Repath version 3.1.0. This new release includes several new enhancements and features, detailed below.

Laptop view of ArcGIS Map Document and Integrated Marco Desktop ArcGIS Add-In for spatial data management and inventory.

New/Updated Tools

Spatial Reference Logger: Purpose is to find ArcGIS Map Documents (.mxd) that may not have correctly defined geographic transformations.

  • Inventories the spatial reference of each data frame and its transformation(s) in use.

  • Compiles a list of unique spatial references from valid data sources.

  • Compares the Esri suggested transformation for the data frame area of interest against the ones in use.

  • Provides a ranking of the suggested transformation against the in-use transformation.

The Data Inventory Diagram has been replaced with a Heat Map Diagram – the new diagram does not require any external dependencies, libraries, installers, etc. and is far more readable and reliable especially for large inventories. The diagram/matrix is generated as an Excel file and the general flow of the diagram is:

  • Data sources along the left.

  • Counts of data source usage to the right of the data source.

  • Indicator column to show if the data source is broken or not.

  • Map documents and layer files along the top.

  • Hyperlink to the layer file or map document embedded in the file name (allows for click to open for review purposes).

  • Number of layers in a map document or layer file beneath the file name.

  • Order of ArcGIS Map Documents/Layer Files and data sources is from complex/most used to simple/least used.

  • Colors in the body of the chart are cool for valid data sources and hot for broken data sources.

  • Numbers in the body of the chart represent the number of references to a data source in the document .

The Promote Map Documents and Promote Layers tools have been consolidated into one tool.

New Capabilities

  • Logging tools now log the cases of encountering a folder that can be listed (e.g., know it exists) but cannot be entered (e.g., missing privileges).

  • Logging tools will avoid looking into the recycle bin folder on a drive.

  • Reporting of Layer Visibility in the Broken Layer Logger tool.

  • Implemented support for removing broken table view (e.g., standalone table) in the Broken Layer Cleaner tool.

  • Improved handling of table views in the cases where a table name (base name) may not be unique across SDE schemas.

  • Improved identification of and logging for cases where Esri guesses the names of feature class and table names during remapping.

  • A new optional Skip Folders parameter has been added to several tools, this allows for specific folders (and child folders) to be skipped.


  • Complete overhaul of the toolbar, it was getting too large due to the number of partner tools (i.e. from Folder and from Table).

  • Added an option on the toolbar to open tools as “from Folder” or “from Table”, not all tools have both options.

  • New icon set used to allow for easier visual distinction between the tools.


The Integrated Repoint and Repath application is now called Integrated Marco Desktop. This solution is part of the Integrated Marco Studio suite of custom Geographic Information System (GIS) and Knowledge Management software for ArcGIS. Find more details on the full suite at


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