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Integrated Informatics Releases Geomancy Decision Engine Version 3.0 for Oil and Gas Professionals

Decision Support System Enhances Routing and Siting Capabilities, Expands ArcGIS Support, and Optimizes Facility Placement to Reduce Cost

Houston, TX (US) – Integrated Informatics Inc., a leading consultancy for Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation and development, today unveils version 3.0 of its Geomancy Decision Engine.

Desktop view of Integrated Geomancy Add-In for ArcGIS displaying Pipeline Gathering System result in Full Field Optimization for Oil and Gas industry.

Integrated Geomancy v3.0 introduces several enhancements that complement the robust routing and siting capabilities found in previous editions. Offshore routing capabilities are now available, and Well Pad Siting functionality is enhanced to include additional items, such as Faults and Fault Zones.

Along with improvements to stability and performance, Integrated Geomancy has been expanded for further ArcGIS support. This includes compatibility with ArcGIS 10.3 and newer versions, as well as added readiness for the ArcGIS Pro environment.


Integrated Geomancy is an Add-In for ArcGIS that enables Oil and Gas professionals to better plan the placement and routes of assets like Pipeline Gathering Systems, Transmission Pipelines, Well Pad Sites, Access Roads, and more. The toolkit takes a comprehensive approach to the planning process, allowing teams to build a model of the area in which construction will take place - incorporating data like elevation, environmental zones, populated areas, etc. More information and examples of the application in use can be found at


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