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Integrated Informatics Inc. To Bring Repoint and Repath To ArcGIS Pro

Houston, TX (US) Integrated Informatics is excited to announce the latest release of its Integrated Marco Pro application complete with new functionality. This Add-In for ArcGIS Pro is a component of the Integrated Marco Studio suite of Knowledge Management applications featuring Spatial Data Inventory, File Modification, and now Repoint and Repath capabilities for Esri users.

Repoint and Repath Gone Pro

One of the biggest draws for customers working with the ArcMap component of this toolkit, Integrated Marco Desktop, has been the ability to remap spatial data paths to fix broken data sources or safeguard against compromising links to spatial data drives during a move. With Integrated Marco Pro v5.2, this functionality is implemented inside of the ArcGIS Pro platform as it applies to the unique file types and formats found in this new Geographic Information System (GIS) software – including ArcGIS Pro Map Projects (.aprx) and Layer Files (.lyrx).

View of laptop screen showing custom GIS Add-In application open in ArcGIS Pro for identifying broken spatial data sources.

Similar to Integrated Marco Desktop, the new Repoint and Repath tools utilize the Remap File – a specially designed spreadsheet that defines the original (i.e., old or broken) file paths as well as the new locations to which data will be pointed. These files are not physically moved; rather, their underlying settings are updated to those paths defined by the user.

This functionality may be combined with the solution’s tools to discover and list those spatial data files present on an enterprise network as well as identify any and all files with broken data sources.

Upgrade Spatial Data for Platform Compatibility

ArcGIS Pro Add-In Tool for Converting ArcMap Document MXD to ArcGIS Pro Map Project APRX

In previous iterations, Integrated introduced the option to upgrade ArcGIS Map Documents (.mxd) to ArcGIS Pro Map Projects (.aprx) in bulk through specific Upgrade tools within the ArcGIS Pro Add-In. Because the tools offered in ArcGIS Pro for performing such a feat limits the conversion to one file at a time, users have found that the ability to upgrade more than one file in a single push (i.e., upgrade in bulk) is much more conducive to the migration process.

Integrated Marco Pro v5.2 takes this a step further by including the conversion of Layer Files from the .lyr format to .lyrx. Similar to the change in formatting that the basic map file underwent on this new software platform, the Layer File format was modified to standardize the .lyrx file type as the default format for ArcGIS Pro. To further aide users during the ArcGIS Pro migration process and ensure data is compatible, an Upgrade Layer Files tool is now included in the Add-In to facilitate conversion on the fly.

Additional Resources

Are you interested in adding this application to your current workflow? Would you like more information on how it relates to the other components of the Integrated Marco Studio suite? Find more details about Integrated Marco Pro and other custom GIS applications and services in the Solutions section or on the product website at


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