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Integrated Informatics Inc. Introduces "Feng Shui of Facility Siting" With Geomancy Decision Engine

Expert Decision Support System Provides Comprehensive and Holistic Methodology

Houston, TX (US) - Integrated Informatics Inc. unveils a new decision support system with a wide range of capabilities across multiple disciplines, including environmental, engineering, geosciences, and more. The Geomancy Decision Engine, also known as Integrated Geomancy, provides a comprehensive and holistic methodology allowing for full integration and interaction between environmental, economic, construction, and reclamation factors involved in field development. This tool supports optimum design through balancing all of these factors, as well as the overarching goals and constraints.

Laptop view of Oil and Gas Well Pad Sites, Laterals, and Pipeline Gathering System location in an oil field in a 3D view in ArcGIS.

Jason Humber of Integrated Informatics comments, “Conscientious companies are concerned about costs and conservation. This is especially true in the realm of unconventional resources where field development costs and the pace of bringing resources online differentiates between sustainable and successful.” Humber continued, “Geomancy provides our clients with a unique suite of capability that has already allowed for substantial savings in terms of time and money measured in months and millions.”

The Geomancy Decision Engine is designed around a core suite of capabilities, configurable based on modeling requirements and client specific settings, and available to be embedded in client proprietary processes or products. 

Integrated Informatics Inc. is a leading consultancy for Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation and development. Founded in 2002, Integrated Informatics provides spatial data management, workflow and process automation, and custom mapping solutions to the Energy and Natural Resource sectors throughout North America with offices in Calgary, Alberta, Houston, Texas, and St. John's, Newfoundland.


Integrated Geomancy is an Add-In for ArcGIS that enables Oil and Gas professionals to better plan the placement and routes of assets like Pipeline Gathering Systems, Transmission Pipelines, Well Pad Sites, Access Roads, and more. The toolkit takes a comprehensive approach to the planning process, allowing teams to build a model of the area in which construction will take place - incorporating data like elevation, environmental zones, populated areas, etc. More information and examples of the application in use can be found at


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