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Giving Back and Moving Forward: Supporting Students at Memorial University

Integrated Informatics Inc.'s Christa and Jason Humber were recently recognized in Memorial University of Newfoundland's Alumni Magazine for their creation of an endowment award, the Integrated Informatics Award of Excellence.

Read the magazine's full article below.

Luminus Magazine - Winter 2014 Vol. 36 No. 2 (p.24)

Christa Humber and Jason Humber of Integrated Informatics Inc. supporting Memorial University students with new scholarship fund.

For Christa, B.Mus.’01, B.Mus.Ed.’01, and Jason Humber, B.Eng.’99, proud graduates of Memorial, it is important to show their appreciation for the years they spent here.

As one of the youngest couples to create an endowed award at Memorial, they have made a significant commitment to Memorial’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The Integrated Informatics Award of Excellence is awarded to a senior engineering student annually in the faculty’s offshore oil and gas option, and will make a difference in many young lives for years to come.

“I know there are going to be a lot of fantastic graduates coming out that may need help, and that is a real priority,” said Ms. Humber. “We also want to support the university in its efforts to foster and grow new programs — programs that might not have a chance without a little extra help.”

Having worked with one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, Mr. Humber recognized a need for specialized geographic information system applications that would build efficiencies into these complex systems. In 2002, the couple co-founded Integrated Informatics Inc. Their company provides data management, workflow and process automation, and custom-mapping solutions to the energy and natural resource sectors. Just over 10 years later, their business is thriving, with offices in Calgary, Houston, and St. John’s.

Jason and Christa Humber’s pride in Memorial, and their entrepreneurial success, has inspired them to give back so that others can move forward.

Download the full Luminus Magazine issue here.


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