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Integrated Announces Geomancy Decision Engine Version 2.4.0 for Oil and Gas Industry

Decision support system reduces environmental impact, construction costs, and development time of facility siting

Houston, TX (US) - Integrated Informatics Inc. today unveiled version 2.4.0 of its Geomancy Decision Engine application. Also known as Integrated Geomancy, this solution is a decision support system highly-tuned for the needs of the Unconventional Oil and Gas industry and utilized for planning and siting of Well Pads, Well Laterals, Access Roads, and Pipeline Gathering Systems based on multi-disciplinary factors.

Version 2.4.0 introduces several significant enhancements to the already-robust engine, such as:

  • Include delivery points in gathering system planning.

  • Automatically determine which pipelines should connect to delivery points.

  • Derive well lateral orientations based on existing wells in the same lease.

  • Specify an allowable range of wells per pad.

  • Incorporate Surface Rights constraints.

  • Improved representation of constraints that contribute to constructability challenges.

  • Fully integrated 3-D visualization of Well Pads, Well Laterals, Access Roads, and Pipeline Gathering Systems.

“Our clients are realizing notable benefits when using Geomancy in their planning processes, including: capital savings, improvements in operational efficiencies, and identification of multiple development options,” said Jason Humber, principal consultant at Integrated Informatics. Humber added, “Implementation of Geomancy with several progressive clients spurred these latest enhancements – bringing a new level of modeling realism for even greater benefits.”  

The Geomancy Decision Engine provides a core suite of capabilities, configurable based on modeling requirements and client-specific settings, and it can be embedded in client-proprietary processes or products. This Add-In for ArcGIS allows users across a wide range of disciplines to reduce environmental impact, construction costs, and development time during facility siting.

Integrated Geomancy is an Add-In for ArcGIS that enables Oil and Gas professionals to better plan the placement and routes of assets like Pipeline Gathering Systems, Transmission Pipelines, Well Pad Sites, Access Roads, and more. The toolkit takes a comprehensive approach to the planning process, allowing teams to build a model of the area in which construction will take place - incorporating data like elevation, environmental zones, populated areas, etc. More information and examples of the application in use can be found at www.geomancy.io.





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