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Integrated's Analysts and Developers to Present at 2017 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference

Houston, TX (US) - Are you attending this year's 2017 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference (PUG) in downtown Houston? We are thrilled to announce three talks our Houston team will be giving on April 12-13!

SESSION 1 - Wednesday, April 12th (1:30pm) - Enterprise Knowledge Management: Discover, Search, and View Spatial Data

Presented by Nathan Warmerdam - Senior GIS Consultant - this talk will be held in Grand Ballroom C and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

With increasing importance on spatial analysis, it is imperative that organizations make the best use of data currently available on their network. This presentation will walk through the process of spatial data discovery on an enterprise system, adapting details found into a structure that allows for tracking the complexity, performance, and providing easy to use analytics, insights, reporting, business intelligence, and heuristics to assess the health of spatial data management.

SESSION 2 - Wednesday, April 12th (4:15pm) - Process and Technology Simplified: Knowledge Management and Full Field Optimization Made Easier

Presented by Heidi Krueger - Senior GIS Analyst - this talk will be held in the Sponsor Spotlight Theater found and will last 15 minutes. Perfectly located in the Expo Hall, be sure to drop by Booth 412 during the Expo Social at that time as well.

Processes involved in the Natural Resources and Utilities sectors require an efficient use of time, funds, and hands available. With help from applications like Integrated Geomancy and the Integrated Marco Studio suite, teams may succeed in covering all bases of project development – from locating optimal locations for Full Field Development to inventorying and regulating the Spatial Data on which your organization is built.

SESSION 3 - Thursday, April 13th (11:00am) - Full Field Decision Support for Unconventional Field Development

Presented by Eric Ohler - GIS Software Development Professional - this talk will be held in Room 320 and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The pace and consistency of the decision making process is of utmost priority in field development and is especially true for unconventional resources development where success and sustainability depend on the "distance" between planning and execution. This presentation will showcase a developing field in which well pads, access roads, and pipeline gathering systems are sited based on defined rules and an automated workflow - all while demonstrating scenarios of varying goals and constraints.

For more information about this Esri event and the agenda at hand, see the Session Catalog online.


About the Conference

The Esri Petroleum GIS Conference is hosted to hear from members of the Petroleum community as they share their most successful Geographic Information System (GIS) applications for E&P, distribution, and business operations. For more information about this show, see


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