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Did You Know? Natural Gas & Its Role In Producing Life-Saving Medical Supplies

We often think of Natural Gas in terms of how it directly impacts our households. After all, it is often used as a cooking and heating fuel. We use it to for gas-powered stoves and ovens or even for water heating. These are just simple examples of the ways this energy source is seen in our everyday lives.

In reality, it is so much more than just a solvent for powering our day-to-day. It also plays a key role in developing the supplies we need in times of emergency.

Abundant Natural Gas supply enables hospitals, state-of-the-art research laboratories, small businesses, manufacturers, and consumers to access the affordable energy they need. Natural Gas powers our way of life, keeps us safe and secure, and ensures that medical and public health workers on the front lines don’t have to worry about whether the lights will stay on.

Did you know that Natural Gas helps us make common medical products, including hand-sanitizer, pharmaceuticals and medications, anti-bacterial wipes, medical gloves, medical masks, disinfecting products, and more?

Common medical supplies and equipment made from natural gas and oil

Explore the use of this reliable and affordable power source for high-tech medical equipment and supplies in this post from the Marcellus Shale Coalition.


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